Internet radio is one of the top preferred ways to listen to music. Internet radio allows you the opportunity to listen to a variety of different radio stations ranging from talk radio to hardcore rock and roll. Will Internet radio, there are limited commercials and even more entertainment than you can get from a regular radio. You can listen to it from your computer, mobile device, television, and any other device that allows you access to the radio. Interested in Internet radio?

#1: Radio Seaside

Radio Seaside is an Internet radio station that is based in Egmond. The popular internet radio station offers a wide range of music, including golden oldies, inspirational and Classic Rock. You can also choose this station to listen to talk radio, news stations, comedy stations, sports, and college radio. You can listen to podcasts, live radio, and or a station customized to your preference. You can access Radio Seaside to start streaming your music now.

#2: Live365

Live365 claims to be the curator of music by providing over 5000 online radio stations. Radio stations include alternative, blues, hip hop, oldies, pop, urban, reggae, inspirational, and a whole lot more. When you visit to start listening to music, you have the option to create one or more customized radio stations, and you are even given recommendations according to your customized radio station. You are also able to connect with other listeners to share your interests.

#3: Pandora Radio

Pandora is a very popular internet radio station that is used by millions of individuals on the computer and on mobile devices. Not only are you able to access the radio by visiting, but you can also download the app on your mobile device to enjoy even more options when listening to the station. You can customize radio stations, search by artist, song, genre, or keyword, and you can choose the option to enjoy uninterrupted radio with unlimited number of skips.

#4: Jango

Jango internet radio is often compared to Pandora and is even considered by some to be better than Pandora because the free version of the station gives fewer interruptions than the free version of Pandora. You have listen to a variety of radio stations and even create customized playlist.

#5: Slacker

This particular internet radio station is typically the default internet radio station application on most Android mobile devices. It can also be accessed via computer as well. Slacker provides you with an option to stream music for free or to stream music with no interruptions and the unlimited skips option as well. After signing up at, you can begin by searching your favorite artist, music genre, or song, and Slacker will play music in accordance to your preference.

Internet radio is a great alternative to turning the dial to find the right radio station for you to enjoy. You have a variety of choices, but with the right choice you will open up your music options and make music more enjoyable.